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I am Lorna McIntyre, I'm a native BSL user having been born profoundly Deaf. I have been teaching BSL for over 30 years now, teaching a variety of levels.
I have vast BSL knowledge and experience having taught all over the UK, within various organisations and establishments, from Universities, Colleges, Schools, Supermarkets, Emergency services, TV/Film and many more.
Me & my company 'Sign with Lorna' provides various BSL qualification courses via Signature, and Bespoke BSL courses and training for individuals, groups, and organisations, tailoring to their specific training requirements.
I teach all ages groups and provide parent/child BSL group courses also.
I am privileged and humbled to have achieved a 'Signature' award for my BSL teachings, this was gained in 2017.
Overall I love teaching BSL my native language, and the ability to make more people aware of this Beautiful visual communication.


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Glasgow City


  • signwithlorna@yahoo.com

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