Parveen Dunlin

  • Sign language teacher

Parveen is a qualified BSL tutor with 34 years of experience in teaching BSL levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. She has taught introduction to BSL courses and facilitates both within her courses and separately Deaf Awareness sessions for a variety of people, of all ages.

Parveen currently teaches within a university and has done so for 17 years, she has also taught within higher educational colleges, has visited primary and secondary schools, and facilitated baby signing classes. She has provided support to groups and works on a 1:2:1 basis, both F2F and online.

Parveen loves to encourage the development of BSL and teaches in ways that allow knowledge and confidence building, benefiting the student's ability to excel. Supporting their future careers and ability to be fluent in BSL through consolidating practices, and building on previous skills and knowledge, all while stretching the student's vocabulary and fluency.

The aim is to move students away from an English-structured way of thinking and communicating, immersing them in the world of BSL both linguistically and culturally to support their progression. Parveen asks the students to bring their whole selves and loves to share what they are learning and excited about, to support their confidence in learning a completely new language.


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